As newlyweds living in our first place, my husband Josh and I are over-the-top obsessed with our home. Our joint obsession and micro-budget has spurred our love of DIY, second-hand, and facelift decorating. We’ve also developed a love for the eclectic home, merging styles, eras, and personal tastes.

Josh is a wedding photographer/graphic designer with some super handy carpentry skills, and I just have a lot of creative juices and free time. Together, we have sharpened our design debate skills and have ended up with some really great design solutions in our home.

I firmly believe that your home should reflect you, no matter how quirky or disjointed your tastes may seem. Although my husband definitely allows me to flex my plush/brass/mirror/luxe-loving muscles, we still strive to balance out my tastes with his love of kitsch.

Welcome to LexDecor, we hope you enjoy our home design mistakes and (hopefully some) successes!

Josh & Lex